COTTAGE 1Open room format. COTTAGE 8This cottage has a screened-in-porch with 2 sitting chairs. The inside is 1 room. You have on the left a queen bed and on the right a day bed with a twin trundle bed under it. The end of queen bed has a dresser and a color cable TV. At the back of the cottage is the kitchenette. You have a sink,free standing stove , full size fridge and kitchen table.. Look out your kitchenette window and see & hear our brook running! To the left of kitchenette is bathroom with shower stall.

Cottages come with a picnic table and park BBQ grille.



COTTAGE 2This is a 1 bed room cottage. COTTAGE 3Screened -in -porch. Then inside is a small living area with a full size sleep sofa that has a memory foam mattress, a coffee table and sitting chair. On the left wall is your kitchen table. Up in right corner is Cable TV.  Then on the back wall is the kitchenette. You have a good size sink, free standing stove, and full size fridge. There is a small pantry with 3 shelves. Look out the window and you will see and hear our brook! To the left of kitchenette is the bathroom with shower stall.

To the left of the little living area is a separate bed room. This room has 1 full size bed and a twin trundle bed.

Cottages come with picnic table & park BBQ grille


This is our year round cottage. Screened-in-porch. Then main room has a kitchen table,full size sleep sofa,full size bed,dresser and color cable TV. There is a small kitchenette with a sink, free standing stove and 2 cabinets. There is a shelf that holds your micro wave. Across from that is your full size fridge. Then there is your bathroom with a shower stall.

Then a separate bed room with a queen size bed and big dresser.

This cottage is good for families with older children so parents can have separate bed room and kids have main room.

Cottage has picnic table & park BBQ grille.




This cottage has a good size  screened-in-porch with a table & chairs on porch also a rocking chair. Then you walk into cottage and main room has 1 queen bed, 1 full size bed, a sitting chair, dresser, and color cable TV. Then you bathroom with shower stall. This cottage has a separate full kitchen. You have a big fridge, gas stove, and kitchen table. This cottage is the same price as C#1 & C#8 even though it is bigger, but does not sit right on our brook. This cottage has it’s own camp fire pit, picnic table & park BBQ grille.



Small cottage with screened-in-porch, 1 queen bed, a little table for 2, color cable TV in corner,  mid size fridge, and stand up kitchenette. You have a 2 gas burner top, sink, and micro wave. Then a bathroom with shower stall.

Cottage has a picnic table & park BBQ grille